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Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife | La Noche Europea de Los Volcanes

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Friday 28th

17:15-18:00 h.
Movement through Garachico streets
Batucada Ritmo Batukeiro

18:00-18:15 h.
Opening Ceremony
Garachico Mayor and Scientists

18:15-18:45 h.
My life as a scientist
Mar Alonso, Germán Padilla, Marta García

18:45-19:00 h.
Awards ceremony for students

19:00-19:30 h.
Ask a geoscientist
Luis González de Vallejo, Luca D’Auria, Javier Dóniz, Gladys Melián, Mar Alonso, María Asensio,
Marta García, Cecilia Morales, Katarzyna Anna Slezak, José A. Rodríguez Losada

19:30-20:00 h.
Theatre play: “Brad Pitt no existe”
Winning play in the latest edition of the “Festival de micro obras de la Temporada de Artes Escénicas de Tenerife”

20:00-20:30 h.
Lecture “Listening to Volcanoes”
Luca D’Auria

20:30-21:30 h.
La Laguna University Folkloric Band

21:30-22:00 h.
Lecture “Volcanoes and Tourism”
Javier Dóniz

22:00 – 22-15h.
Magic and humor show
Sandro Nerilli

22:15-22:30 h.
The recent Kilauea eruption, Hawaii
David Calvo

22:30-23:00 h.
Playing with volcanoes: 1,2,3…volcanoes again

23:00-00:00 h.
Rogelio Botanz musical performance

00:00-00:15 h.
Night eruption(Fireworks)


  • Workshops for children
    Leaders: Involcan´s scientists
  • Exhibition of canary volcanic rocks + panels + instrumentation
    Leaders: Involcan´s scientists
  • Volcanic gastronomy
    Asociación Cultural Patronales Santa Ana y San Roque, Proa Norte

19:00-19:45 h.
Volcanoes, a source for artistic inspiration
Maribel Sanchez Bonilla
La Almena de San Miguel

20:00-20:45 h.
Volcanoes, a source of energy
Nemesio M. Pérez
Kiosko La Plaza

21:00-21:45 h.
Are volcanic islands unstable?
Luis González de Vallejo
Kiosko La Plaza

20:00-20:45 h.
Explosive volcanism on Tenerife
José Antonio Rodríguez Losada
Proa Norte

21:00-21:45 h.
Volcanic Tubes: The Cave of the Wind
Alfredo Fernando Lainez Concepción
Proa Norte

Glorieta San Francisco, Plaza de la libertad
15:00-20:00 h.
Exhibition of mobile units used for measurement of (a) SO2 emission from volcanic plumes and (b) the air quality in areas afected by volcanic activity
Leaders: Involcan´s scientists

Antiguo Convento de San Francisco
15:00-20:00 h.
Exhibition of drawings made by school children
Colaboran: INVOLCAN y Ayuntamiento de Garachico

15:00-20:00 h.
Exhibition of volcanic photography

15:00-20:00 h.
Exhibition of scientific posters about volcanic phenomena

Volcanoes and …¡Beer!
19:00-19:45 h.
Underground water in volcanic islands (to be confirmed)
Rayco Marrero Díaz

22:00-22:45 h.
How we dicovered water in Mars
Federico Di Paolo

Volcanoes and Tourism – Antiguo Convento de San Francisco (Projection room)
Projection of documentaries on volcanic eruptions for Spanish, English, German, Italian and French audience
18:00-18:45 h. 
Dokumentarfilm: “Teneguía, der freundliche Vulkan” (auf spanisch mit deutschen Untertiteln)

19:00-19:45 h.
Documentary: “Teneguía, the friendly volcano”(in Spanish with English subtitles)

20:00-20:45 h.
Documentaire: “Le Feu dans la bouche” (avec sous-titres français) · F. Chouraqui, Univ. Toulouse, Francia

21:00-21:45 h.
Documentario: “L’eruzione perfetta (Etna 2002-2003)” (in lingua italiana) · A. Bonaccorso, INVG Italia

* Changes to the program may take place

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